Dewata Island (The Island of God) | " Bali - Indonesia "

Dewata Island (The Island of God) | " Bali - Indonesia "

Dewata Island - Indonesia | We know that Dewata island or Bali island is familiar in our ears, the beauty of the island with stunning natural scenery are very famous in Indonesia. Lots of tourists who come to this place throughout the year. Because of that, of course, many are looking for information about the ins and outs of this beauty island.

beauty scenery of Dewata Island - Bali
Beauty Scenery of Dewata Island - Bali "Indonesia"

The Beauty of Dewata Island

Dewata island has a high reputation, because this place is one of interesting destination in asia. With so many tourists each year makes this helped increase foreign exchange. Thus the tour at this place is also growing in various industries such as tourism, hospitality, crafts and much more. Of all the industry has to offer makes this place always offers comfort and good services as well as local handicrafts for the tourists who come.

Other than those mentioned above, its adventure tourism is no less interesting as it is today emerging namely Bali Adventure, Bali water sport that attract tourists to experience the thrill of the adventure itself. Beside of that we can also enjoy the beauty of its underwater on in this island, there are underwater tour like the Tanjong Benoa, Nusa Dua, Tulamben and much more. here you can enjoy it by following sea walker, snorkeling or diving. Enjoying a beautiful sunset is equally interesting, this island has a lot of places like Kuta and tanah lot that are very strategic to watch the sunset or sunrise scenery.

sunset at dewata island - Bali "Indonesia"
Sunset at Dewata Island

Coolness and comfort is one that we can still enjoy in this paradise island like Bedugul, Kintamani and Penelokan. There are also tours of the lake are not spared from the list of tourist in this island such as Lake Batur, Tamblingan, Berantan, and Batur.

Yet this island also earned the nickname the island with "Seribu pure" or thousand temples, remember that there are many temples and Hindu religious majority community.

agung besakih temple
Agung Besakih Temple

temple at seaside - Bali
Beauty Temple View at Seaside - Bali

With so many tourist attractions in this island make this island more attractive and the main attraction for tourists to vacation there. !!
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