"Wonderful" Bunaken Island Tourism | The Best Spot Of Diving

"Wonderful" Bunaken Island Tourism | The Best Spot Of Diving

Bunaken Island | Traveled to bunaken be the right choice for the lovers of the underwater world. This island has been known for their beauty underwater, even here the best spots in the world's of coral reefs. The island is located in North Sulawesi precisely in the city of Manado. because of its beauty that makes this place well known to the international arena.

scenery of bunaken island.png
Beautiful Scenery - Bunaken Island

If you want to enjoy the beauty of beneath the sea, then you must go through the journey twice, first use the boat heading out to sea and then transit to a glass vessel which had been prepared, and from here we can enjoy the beauty panorama of the amazing underwater in bunaken. In addition, if we want to enjoy the beauty of the sea with clear then we can use the existing submarines. However, the submarine will not operate if the state of the ocean tides. with this ship you will be spoiled beauty directly because you will be brought down to the water's surface. Travelers who come there are not too few in number, many of them local and international tourists are very enthusiastic in watching the underwater beauty. not only that this island offers beautiful beaches. Bunaken is the place that has the biodiversity and marine ecosystems in highly maintained its authenticity that makes so many people who do research in this place to learn underwater ecosystem. Another very interesting thing that Bunaken also opened for the leisure tourist, in this place we can see the marine life clearly or can also do snorkeling and diving to enjoy it. As a result it became the main attraction for the tourists who come.

best spot diving - bunaken
Best Spot Diving - Bunaken

bunaken marine park
Bunaken Marine Park

The presence of the Bunaken tourist also a direct impact on the surrounding community. Many people who use this to increase revenue, especially for those who live on the coast, for example, they sell a variety of needs such as bersnorkling, diving, and also provides a place - a culinary and others. The existence of Bunaken tourist also helps local economies.
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