Mount Bromo Amazing Tourist Destination

Mount Bromo Amazing Tourist Destination

Mount Bromo is a mountain that is included in the national park Bromo which is very famous for its sea of ​​sand and stunning crater. Here we'll also be able to watch beautiful sunrise. This mountain has an altitude of 2,392 meters above sea level, and located in four districts in the province of East Java.

Mount Bromo - Indonesia
Mount Bromo - Indonesia

Mountain tourism has received support as well as facilities and infrastructure are complete and adequate. be it lodging, homesstay, hotel and transportation can easily be met when it comes to this tour. Many people assume that traveled to Mount Bromo is very special because we can see directly the very broad sea sand about 10 square kilometers and is located ocean surrounds the crater of Mount Bromo itself. We can also enjoy Sunrise in the mountain top "Penanjakan", beside of that we can also clearly see the vast expanse of sand and sea of ​​the surrounding landscape. If we were content to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, tourists can continue their climb to the foot of Mount Bromo. Maybe this trip took 1 hour of peak climbing by Jeep and specifically rented for the tourists. This journey through the sea of ​​sand stretching this would be a fun trip. Having reached the top of Mount Bromo, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo is always thick white smoke, this is the main attraction for the visitors.

sea of sand - Bromo
Sea of Sand - Bromo
beautiful scenery of Mount Bromo
Beautiful Scenery of Mount Bromo

jeep are rent

Traditions that exist in Mount Bromo

Kasada ceremony
Kasada Ceremony Tengger Tribe

luhur poten temple - Mount Bromo
Luhur Poten Temple - Mount Bromo

Besides enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo, On any given day is usually held perch tribal ceremonial rituals which we are familiar with Kasada ceremony. It is a ritual to invoke the abundant harvest or can be requested in order to avoid the starting of custody and ask for healing of the disease that was suffered. The ceremony was performed by means of an offering in the form of offerings that will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. And the most appropriate time to visit Mount Bromo is during the dry season.
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  1. Mount Bromo really amazing... never boring if visit this...

  2. Mount Bromo really amazing... never boring if visit this...


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