Sanur Beach Tourism | Indonesian Coastal Charm

Sanur Beach Tourism | Indonesian Coastal Charm

Sanur Beach | Bali does offer many attractions, one of Sanur beach. This beach is located in the city of Denpasar Bali. This place can be reached from the Ngurah Rai airport with a distance of 10 km. or in other words, the trip takes 30 minutes. But when you come here for the first time and you do not know the route then you can avail the services of the existing driver.

Since the first Sanur beach has been known to many people, even since the first hotels built in Bali. This place has been used as an option for domestic and foreign tourists as one of their tourist destination. Sanur beach is not only alone, but there are also other beaches such as Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak. But this time I will discuss about the Sanur beach.

you have to visit sanur beach..... Why ?

In sanur complete self-contained facilities, so many hotels that offer relatively affordable prices and even the same as the other five-star hotel. Sanur beach offers beautiful scenery as well as when we were there around 05:30 am, then you will see a lot of local and foreign tourists who witnessed the sunrise, this is also happens when the afternoon ahead of a stout man who came to see the beauty of the atmosphere which is so indulgent afternoon eye. Not only the Sanur beach has white sand, of course this can spoil the tourists coupled with sea water which is shallow, so child can play out on the beach without worry.

Sanur Beach - Bali
Sanur Beach - Bali

beautifil scenery of sanur beach
Beautifil Scenery of Sanur Beach

sanur resort
Sanur Resort

Many of the traditional fishing boats lining the shore that add to the beach "elokan" this one. very beautiful beach is often used as a place for family photos, pre-wedding and so the moment of sunset as background harness. many entertainment facilities that can be encountered in the vicinity of this beach. So it can make the tourists feel at home for a vacation in this beach.

sunset in sanur beach
Sunset view

From the information above, now you know about the popular tourist spot is very beautiful, the resorts that offer a variety of holiday facilities make this place always visited by tourists.
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