Komodo Island | Home of Giant Lizard and beautiful uderwater ecosystem - One of World Heritage

Komodo Island | Home of Giant Lizard and beautiful uderwater ecosystem - One of World Heritage

Komodo island tourist destinationKomodo island tours or commonly known as the national park of Komodo island has been around since 1980 and declared a tourist park that should be protected. This national park was originally established as a preserve of the dragons species itself. but over time this place is also used to preserve marine and land biodiversity are still in the same region.

komodo island - Indonesia
Komodo Island is located in Indonesia

With the opening of the Komodo island tourist also provides adequate facilities like accommodation and transport for tourists. The beauty of the natural panorama of Komodo Island, can be encountered in the vicinity of the coast and sea. With the condition of the sea water is very clear and the marine life is so beautiful, so it can not be doubted. To keep sustainability of Komodo island, then the Indonesian government make this place as one of the national parks. This case has been inaugurated since 1980 that the island has an area of ​​1817 square kilometers has functioned to protect native animals dragons. Even this place to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World Themed. 

Komodo Island - a world heritage site
A World Heritage Site
endemic animal - Dragons (Giant Lizard)
Endemic Animal - Dragons (Giant Lizard)

ancient animals - Komodo
Ancient Animals - Komodo

In addition, the government has established Komodo island park to be the National Eco-tourism with expectations to attract many domestic and foreign travelers. And not only the parents, the children are also expected to come to tour here because no longer need to fear with this animals (dragons). This place also has been considering various factors of safety for visitors, so the security is maintained.

Beautiful Underwater Ecosystem
Beautiful Underwater Ecosystem

If the first, lot of the tourists undecided about the particular transport facility to travel to this island, so this time it do not matter anymore because the government has been working seriously on this issue. As a tourist, the island is visited by tourists not only local but also foreign tourists. Not many people know that the underwater ecosystem at Komodo Island is also very recomended. Beside of that sights of Labuhan bajo that also offers beauty.  So if you want to plan your holiday destination, you have to visited this island in order to witness firsthand the dragons in their natural habitat and also a beautiful places in the vicinity.
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